GRATITUDE 22 Day Challenge
Overcome Abundance Blocks and Activate Gratitude. 
Begins September 12th
GRATITUDE connects you to the energy of ABUNDANCE
Embark on a potent 22-day journey of deep reprogramming packed with heart opening challenges and opportunities to be a vessel for miracles. We're shifting out of the energy of lack and scarcity, and connecting to abundance, gratitude, and joy. Overcoming money blocks is only a sliver of the program. Get ready for your heart to crack open and overflow with gratitude. 

GRATITUDE is designed to help break-through disempowering mental narratives of scarcity that were learned.
You know the stories.... Not enough money, not enough time, not enough work, not enough connection, not enough energy. These 22 days will help us unlearn those negative thought patterns, journey out of our comfort zones, expand our hearts and open to more abundance in all areas of our lives.

We’ll be challenged to do things you’ve never done before. We'll receive special assignments that'll send us out into the world to connect with other humans. We'll open ourselves to new opportunities we didn't see before. And it’ll all begin with powerful rapid transformational therapy to release money blocks and reprogram our mind with beliefs about money and energy that will put us among the wealthiest on the planet.

  •  Wealth & Money Belief Upgrades                                         
  •  Daily Challenges (you will meet your growth edges)             
  •  Missions sent to your phone via app (no facebook required)  
  •   Epic Community of Super Abundant Creators (invaluable)  
  •   Rapid Transformational Therapy ($695 value)                    
And the BEST news ever? 
It's ONLY $111 

I'm sure you're wondering... why is it only $111 ?? 
Because I want to make it accessible to as many people as possible. 

Hi, I'm Sol.

I know the disempowering narrative of feeling like I don't have enough all too well. Growing up with a single mom taught me all kinds of limiting beliefs about money (among other things). 

My attempt to overcome the self-destructive thought patterns that caused so much suffering to my family sent me on a life-long journey of exploration and self-mastery. You can read more about my story here.

Honestly... I created GRATITUDE in response to all the people in my life feeling stressed about money. 

I've learned a lot on my journey and we're going to use the most effective tools and FUN practices to invite more wealth to all areas of our lives. How could you say no to that??

Step 1: we're going to use the most powerful method that I'm aware of (Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy) to overcome money blocks.

Step 2: we're going to have three epic weeks of heart opening challenges and adventures to activate abundance in our lives.

If you feel limited by a lack of money, energy or joy, I invite you to 
open your heart and activate abundance and join us for 22 powerful days of GRATITUDE.
I’m confident GRATITUDE will make a massive impact in your life and I'm willing to refund your money if you don’t feel 111% grateful and abundant at the end of this transformation. (Note: You must complete tasks til the end of the 22 days to be eligible for the refund).

P.S.: Although you're going to meet new superabundant friends, don’t worry, this won’t be on a facebook group. We have an app that will notify us of our daily tasks and challenges.

GRATITUDE is only $111 because I wanted to make this transformation accessible to as many people as possible. If you’d like to join us for the GRATITUDE journey and you’re unable to make the investment, send us a message as there are a few sponsorships available. 

If you’d like to pay it forward and sponsor a fellow human being to upgrade their mind, open their heart and make some epic life-changing shifts, send us a message!
Gratitude improves Physical Health.
Gratitude increases Mental Strength.

Gratitude increase Wealth and Prosperity.

Gratitude opens the door to more Relationships.

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